One Stop Shop

In order to perform thorough and exemplary repairs, comprehensive checkouts need to be performed so that we might outline a proper repair strategy. Utilizing a scan tool,ohmmeter, and a proper road test the vehicle’s root cause of the problem are un-assed and various repair strategies are offered.

Custom ATV Work

No matter what type of “Hot Rod Quad” you are wanting to build, we are the guys to go talk to about it. We can get you set up with one of the best looking ATVs that you have ever seen, that’s a promise.

Full Service & Repair

We are the one stop shop for all the repairs you could need on any Motorcycle or ATV. Whether the chain is busted, engine’s flooded, or trasmission is out of whack, we’ve got the tools and skill to get you fixed up right!

Part Replacement

Break an axle? Got mud in the intake? Crack the accelerator to hard? We can order any new parts and install them at a great price!


In order to perform a proper diagnostic, customer throughput is essential.

Questions like these will be asked:

  • How often the the problem occur?
  • Does it happen all the time?
  • Does it occur when the vehicle is hot, cold or all the time.
  • At what speeds?
  • Is a check engine light on?
  • Have you noticed any leaks, noises, smells?
  • What type of driving i.e. City Highway or mixed does the vehicle meet with?
  • Do you race the vehicle or drive aggressively, tow heavy loads?
  • Has anyone worked on your vehicle lately.
  • Was the vehicle bought new or used?